Clinical Trials

ALX148 is designed to maximize the clinical benefit of antibody-based therapies and is in clinical development for a broad range of tumor types. We are currently conducting a Phase 1 trial that combines ALX148 with other existing immunotherapies and checkpoint inhibitors. For more information about the Phase 1 study, please visit, identifier number NCT03013218.

ALX148 Expanded Access Policy

At ALX Oncology, our focus is on the discovery and development of novel anti-cancer compounds that block the CD47 - SIRPα pathway. The goal of our current clinical study program is to enroll patients and obtain clinical data on ALX148 that is required by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other regulatory authorities for review and approval of marketing applications for this investigational agent. We believe that focusing on clinical studies is the most appropriate way to achieve this goal; therefore, we do not currently offer access to ALX148 outside of clinical studies and, at this time, we have no Expanded Access program (sometimes referred to as “compassionate use” or “pre-approval access”).

If you have additional questions regarding this policy, please speak with your health care provider or contact: